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Located directly across the street from the Palacios Bay, our Bed and Breakfast has both the feel of a relaxing, waterfront cottage and the charm of an early 1900’s, Southern-style home. But the Peaceful Pelican  is more than just a relaxing, waterfront getaway. It’s a home rich with history. Built in 1910 by the McGuires, it has evolved in a number of ways over the years.

A barn in the back of the house was converted to the first private school in Palacios and Matagorda County.  It offered courses in cultural arts in addition to academics. Music lessons were taught upstairs in the house by Martha McGuire. Several other teachers assisted her at the school and taught academic subjects. 

During World War II, Palacios was home to about 7,000 troops and housing was in short supply. Because of this, the house was split into apartments. It was probably around this time that the First Floor Suite was added on.

In 1961, Palacios was hit by Hurricane Carla, leading to a couple of new additions to the house. The stain glass windows of the Pelican came from the Methodist Church, which was destroyed in the hurricane. And, the lamp on the post in front of the house is one of three original weather warning lamps formerly located on a high tower on 5th street.

Clayton Lee, the longest owner of the house, purchased the home in 1970. He added the lovely brick patio, and his wife, Libby, spearheaded a successful campaign to have the house registered with a historical marker in 1987.

In 2005, Edith Gower and Margaret Doughty purchased the home and renovated it for two years before opening it as The Peaceful Pelican in 2007.

The Peaceful Pelican has a great atmosphere. Paula has done a good job of retaining the historic home feel while adding special, unique touches.
Christine Turk Stransky


At the heart of your experience at The Peaceful Pelican is Southern hospitality. Your Host Paula along with Assistant Esmeralda and Chef Sharon pride themselves in ensuring your stay is beyond expectations.


Owner & Host
After years of traveling the world in a corporate job, Paula decided to make the waterfront in Palacios her home. She purchased The Peaceful Pelican in 2014 with the dream of creating a peaceful and fun get-a-way for Texans as well as other travelers. Always mindful of the stresses of everyday life, Paula’s goal is for guests to forget the stresses while relaxing in a comfortable environment and engaging in activities that bring them closer to nature and a tranquil state of mind. Paula has always loved nature and has enjoyed hobbies such as gardening, fishing, birding, nature photography, kayaking and hiking.


Assistant Innkeeper
Esmeralda is a crystal-loving, herbal tea-making, Jane Austen reading, holistic living junkie. And a proud dog mom to Tito, her Chihuahua mix. After 10 years as a museum professional and 5 years as a secondary teacher, she knows all about the stressful lives of city-dwellers. A Houston native, she moved to Palacios in 2018, and she hasn’t looked back since! Esmeralda enjoys ensuring guests have a pleasant stay and makes sure everyone feels at home and assisting with event planning at The Peaceful Pelican. When she isn’t here, she’s helping people live more intentional, balanced lives as a Feng Shui consultant, meditation teacher, and crystal healer.


After cooking for friends in NY fifteen years ago as basically a fun thing, my father's death brought me down here to be with my mother. Food was the one thing I could do and be available to her. After her death 2 years ago I went ahead full steam. It is all about having people get enjoyment from my food. My feeling is that good food brings people together. Bon Appetit!


Ruth graduated with honors from the International Culinary Academy in Houston, Texas. She and her husband travel the world, making it a point to take cooking classes while visiting places in order to learn more of their culture. Her culinary career has included owning a catering business, being a personal chef, teaching classes, and coaching a culinary class at the local high school. She is available to cook for you a special meal to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, an event with your company, family and friends or just a nice dinner with the love of your life. She also does, upon request, a cupcake bouquet.
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