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Tackling COVID

How We’re Addressing COVID at The Peaceful Pelican

Summer is here, and it’s a great time to be on the bay! Book your stay with confidence knowing that we’re just as concerned for your health and well-being as we are for our own and that we’re doing everything we possibly can to make your stay not only comfortable, but safe as well. … Read More

The Top 3 Reasons Palacios is the Perfect Getaway During COVID-19

The Top 3 Reasons Palacios is the Perfect Getaway During COVID-19 With the advent of COVID-19, it’s completely understandable to want to escape. With reports of many beaches packed over the last weekend with their reopening, you may feel that … Read More

Top 10 Things to Do in Palacios

#1 Walk Along the Water When you visit Palacios, you’ll appreciate the 1.5 miles of paved paths along the waterfront, and the best part is – they’re also lit at night! If you enjoy fishing, you’ll love the public piers … Read More

Lunch at the Historic Blessing Hotel

A few weeks ago, Paula and I were talking about places to eat around Palacios, and she asked me if I had ever been to Hotel Blessing. When I told her that I had not, she reacted as if I … Read More

Welcome to the Best Kept Secret in Texas

When I first discovered Palacios about 15 years ago, my parents had just purchased a bay house from my great uncle. I had thought they purchased in Galveston or Baytown when my mom said “bay house” since we lived in … Read More