The Top 3 Reasons Palacios is the Perfect Getaway During COVID-19

The Top 3 Reasons Palacios is the Perfect Getaway During COVID-19

With the advent of COVID-19, it’s completely understandable to want to escape. With reports of many beaches packed over the last weekend with their reopening, you may feel that there are few places to travel to while still exercising caution. But Palacios is the ideal getaway for anyone wanting a place that is quiet and crowd-free! And here’s why:

1. A Plethora of Outdoor Activities

One of the most spectacular features about this small shrimping and fishing town are the many ways for you to get outside and in nature. 

Most notably, the 1.5 miles of paved walking paths (see the photo above) that are open to the public and lit at night is perhaps the single most loved feature of this community. With the wide paths, you’re able to keep much more than six feet away from people while enjoying some sun and the soothing properties of the salt water. You can also enjoy fishing at any of the public piers along the waterfront (just don’t forget to pick up your license at The Point!).

Birding is another wonderful, solitary outdoor activity that you can partake in while on your visit. With the #1 bird count for 20 years, Palacios and the Matagorda area is a great place to see some spectacular birds! Need a pair of binoculars? We have some for you to borrow here at The Peaceful Pelican!

Last, but certainly not least, with several public boat ramps, you can launch your boat or kayak quickly and be out on the bay enjoying your time in the water.

2. Connect with Your Partner & Family

This past weekend we had a family of four come and stay with us. With no TVs or external stimulation, they said that they didn’t want to leave! Instead of being in front of the TV or on their phones the entire time, they were able to talk more and enjoy some real quality time with each other. They fished together, took walks together, and ate around the table together – and engaged in meaningful discussion and created some beautiful memories in the process!

When is the last time you made a meaningful connection with your kids and/or your partner? Even if it’s an everyday occurrence for you, there is still much to gain from being out in a quiet, tranquil setting like Palacios. 

Plus, when you stay at The Peaceful Pelican, your pooch is a welcome addition to our family! Just like Daisy (pictured below in our front lawn) who was a huge part of the family mentioned above!

3. Experience the Rejuvenation of Small Town Life

There is something about the simplicity of small town life that feels rejuvenating. A reminder of how much the simple things in life truly do matter the most. 

When you come to Palacios, not only do you feel the restorative effects of being in nature and on the water, but you’ll also find what one guest said is a “break from the city and the routine” and a “fabulous relaxing stay.” 

In Palacios, life is simple! There are no lines, no traffic, and lots of relaxation to be had. The air is clearer, you can see the stars, and you can leave feeling rejuvenated. Note the one blinking light on Main Street in this photo and the one stop light in the whole town located on Henderson!

Main Street Palacios. Photo taken from

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