Top 10 Things to Do in Palacios

#1 Walk Along the Water

When you visit Palacios, you’ll appreciate the 1.5 miles of paved paths along the waterfront, and the best part is – they’re also lit at night! If you enjoy fishing, you’ll love the public piers and public boat ramp located just steps away from our front door.

#2 Visit the City by the Sea Museum

No trip is complete without a trip to the local museum! The City by the Sea Museum, located at 401 Commerce St, is chock full of area history and includes exhibits on La Salle and the La Belle, his ship that sunk nearby (and was recently recovered). There’s even a half scale replica of the La Belle docked at the marina that you can see!

#3 Stop By Made In Texas

The next stop is a neat, one-of-a-kind shop with handmade furniture and folk instruments. If you’re looking for a unique piece of art to take home, then you should definitely stop by and visit Glen Barnett. You can even commission a little something special! He’s located at 223 Main St.

#4 Grab Some Pho at The Point

Some of the best pho in town can be found at The Point just down the street from The Peaceful Pelican and right on the water. Yen makes a mean bowl of pho! Even Anthony Bourdain enjoyed a bowl while he was here filming a segment for Parts Unknown! The Point has also been featured on The Daytripper. The Mexican kitchen is not to be missed, either! They have a wonderful menudo on the weekends and some great breakfast and lunch tacos!

#5 Browse The Weekender

If you love antiques and resale shops, then you can’t miss The Weekender! It’s only open on Fridays and Saturdays (and they only take cash, but the ATM at Lowe’s grocery store is free!), but it is definitely worth a browse! The inventory changes weekly and these gals are a joy to chat with! You can find them on Main St.

#6 Take a Drive to Matagorda Beach

In need of some beach time? Matagorda Beach is about 35 minutes up the road and gorgeous! It’s less crowded than Galveston and is a peaceful getaway on its own. Enjoy the crashing of the waves and the salt air as you relax on your beach towel and catch some rays.

#7 Have Lunch at Hotel Blessing

For anyone who loves a bit of history, you can walk into the historic Hotel Blessing and instantly feel transported to another time. The hotel opened in 1907 and is listed in the National Register of Historic Places as well as a registered Texas Historic Landmark. As you walk towards the restaurant and coffee shop located at the end of the main hall, you’ll see a number of antique furnishings and photos. Once you’re in the restaurant, you’re in a treat as their buffet-style lunch is set out on a suite of antique stoves. They’ve been serving food for over 60 years – so they know a thing or two! Give their lunch a try from 11am – 2pm. You can find Hotel Blessing on 128 N. 10th St in Blessing.

#8 Visit the Old Main Bookstore

Now, I love books. I have so many on my shelves at home that I’ll probably never read them all. Having said that, I’m always impressed by the selection of books and gifts that are at the Old Main Bookstore. Ms. Jan also serves coffee, Italian soda, offers sweets, and gift items, too. Stop in at this local hangout and search the shelves for a good book or enjoy a sip of coffee – the choice is yours! You’ll find Ms. Jan and her shop on Main Street.

#9 Grab a Cone or Coffee at Mike’s On Main

If you’re visiting us in the summer, then you must go grab a waffle cone at Mike’s On Main. Or any of their delectable pastries. Heck, you can go there for lunch, too as they have some great chicken and waffles among other fabulous dishes on their menu. This is also the place to get that jazzed up looking latte you miss from Starbuck’s. You can find them, and the best ice cream in town, down on Main Street.

#10 Visit the Fisherman’s Memorial

Last but certainly not least on my Top 10 list is the Fisherman’s Memorial which is located at the marina and is considered a special place to the locals. It was created to honor all those fishermen that leave and come back home, but especially for those that do not return.

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