Welcome to the Best Kept Secret in Texas

When I first discovered Palacios about 15 years ago, my parents had just purchased a bay house from my great uncle. I had thought they purchased in Galveston or Baytown when my mom said “bay house” since we lived in Houston at the time. Boy was I wrong!

When I asked her where the house was exactly, she said, “Cape Carancahua.” 

“Cape what?! Where the heck is that?” And she said, “It’s just outside Palacios.”

“Come again?” I had never heard of Palacios. 

I was in my early 20s the first time I drove through, and I remember being dismayed that there were people who called Palacios home. Having lived in the city all of my life, I couldn’t imagine a life of quietude and peace. The main questions I asked at the time were: What’s there to do? Where is the nearest store? What dining options are there?!?! 

I was almost hitting panic mode. What would be the point of visiting them out here?! It would be boring.

But then, after the first day, I could see the charm in this town and why people would want to live here – or visit! – if only they knew it existed. 

It was truly the best kept secret in Texas!

There was the bookstore with tons of gems I had never heard of (my favorite place to browse), at the time there was the antique shop on 1st street, and of course, there was the beautiful, majestic bay that everyone had access to – you didn’t have to own a property on the water to enjoy the peacefulness it could provide you. 

I’ve never felt at home in any city I’ve ever lived or visited (and there’s been quite a few). But, this place felt like home soon after discovering it. 

Each time I came with my parents and stayed, I didn’t want to leave to go home. It’s much the same when my sister and brother and their families visit. No one ever wants to leave! 

And if you want to ever view the guestbook here at The Peaceful Pelican, it’s filled with beautiful words from guests that have had such a wonderful experience that they come back to visit time and time again.

In 2018, my parents decided to retire and move here permanently. I followed them! And it was the best decision I could have ever made! Now, I won’t say you should pack up and move, but there truly is something about the peacefulness of the water, the small-town vibe, and the fresh sea air that does me and Tito’s mind and body good. 

When you leave the urban crowds behind in favor of a tranquil, quaint town that is rich in history, beauty, and hospitality, you gain a feeling of being relaxed, rejuvenated, and restored. You can connect to nature on many levels:

  1. You can passively take in your surroundings on a nice walk along the public seawall.
  2. You can go fishing off the many public piers.
  3. You can take your boat or kayak out on the water.
  4. You can go birding at seven local birding sites along the Texas Coastal Birding Trail. 

We invite you to come and experience all that Palacios (and the surrounding areas) have to offer!

Me and Tito walking along the beach in Palacios. You can see the Pavilion behind us – a great place to hold a larger event if we can’t accommodate you here at The Peaceful Pelican.

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